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Neuro-led Coaching 

                               One-to-One & Teams

Neuro-led coaching is an engaging, safe, confidential, creative and non-judgemental space, asking thought-provoking questions and listening to help you explore possibilities, evaluate options, reflect and make actionable decisions.

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Coaching is a structured process that aims to improve performance or behaviour by focusing on the present and what could be in future, instead of on what happened in the past.
Coaches help clients shift their thinking to be more present-moment focused, optimistic and less fearful, which can stimulate neuroplasticity and lead to substantial changes in one’s mood and behaviour.
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The first step is to decide it's time!

One-to-One Coaching 

One-to-one Neuro-led Coaching provides ‘on demand’ access to a certified brain-based coach. It is personalised, confidential, flexibly scheduled and time efficient. It is a safe space that is co-created to think and reach greater clarity around your next steps. Follow-up sessions enable supportive accountability to follow through on these actions.

An initial block of 2 hours, as two 1-hour or three 40-minute coaching sessions, can provide short-term focused support to move forward on a strategic priority, specific topic or challenge. With longer blocks of up to 6 hours, you can benefit from the deeper transformative change that a full coaching cycle enables.



  • An impartial and non-judgmental partner

  • Critical reflection in a safe brain-friendly environment

  • Increased self-efficacy, positive emotion and resilience

  • Increased self and interpersonal awareness where insights can come forth

  • Greater clarity, energy and solution focus

  • Relieving some of the stress and angst of a pressing issue

  • Building confidence for tomorrow’s challenges and learning

Neuro-led Teams


Team Coaching provides a facilitated small-group process designed to support leadership teams from setting their strategic direction through to implementation of key objectives. 


Short-term engagement with a certified brain-based coach over 2-3 sessions can support teams to:

  • Think through a specific project or initiative and determine next steps

  • Work on a common goal, e.g., embedding culture, implementation of the School Plan, etc.

  • Capture their plans and track and report on progress over time

  • Check in on progress and set next steps

Neuro-led Accountability Partnership

A longer-term collaboration, using a focused and effective process called Neuro-led Team Accountability Partnership, these sessions provide a frame for strategic contextual implementation, team thinking, collaboration and tracking small and large wins. It can be used at different stages of the implementation journey to gain traction, build momentum and sustain success. Our Neuro-led coach and your leadership team will work design a coaching plan to work together from 45 to 90 days with progress check-ins to ensure motivation is substained to achieve key outcomes.

Sync Up

What happens after I register?

  1. You will receive a confirmation email explaining what happens next

  2. You will receive a pre-coaching form that you may choose to return via email or use for personal reflection (helpful for coach to learn a few things about you)

  3. Your coach will contact you to introduce themselves and schedule the first session

  4. Coaching sessions commence via a mutually agreed online video-conferencing app (Zoom, Teams, etc.)

  5. At the end of your Neuro-led coaching block, you have the option to purchase further sessions

  6. Conclude the engagement by completing a Neuro-led coaching feedback form for us


If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, you must contact your Coach at least 24 hours before your booked time.

If you miss a session without informing your coach to reschedule, this will be considered a no-show and you must pay full price for a replacement session.

All coaching sessions must be used within one year of coach allocation.  

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