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Neuro-led Coaching & Consulting
Our Values

Empathy: you must feel safe with your coach. You aren't judged. You must be able to confide sincerely.


Confidentiality: what you say during a coaching session cannot come out of it under any circumstances. We apply total professional secrecy. This confidentiality remains applicable in the case of company support. Our customer is the person received, not the payer. Any report requested by the company will only be carried out after the customer's agreement, and in his presence.


Integrity: if, for one reason or another (conflict of interest, medical problem...), we cannot validate one or more of the expectations projected in the coaching for which we are asked, we do not follow up.


Transparency: feel free to ask your coach for their background, diplomas, experience, empowerments to use a tool. In short, his legitimacy.


Our Mission

To foster deep connections with self, others and the world through the lens of diversity, inclusion and equality.


To support and help individuals and teams to GROW into their full potential and INSPIRE them to LEAD with purpose.



Vision Statement


To be an international  leader in providing access & equality to neuroscience professional development & education worldwide.


Dr. Anthony Moss-Zobel
Founder, President & Coach 

Anthony is the founder and president of Neuro-led Coaching, a consulting firm specializing in brain-based professional coaching and development for both individuals and teams.  Drawing upon his background in communication and human resource management expertise, Anthony has a unique appreciation of mindset and the power it has to transform. To his training interventions, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, he brings his own experience and insights and combines this with the most current research on cognitive neuroscience.


Dr. Moss-Zobel works with diverse groups including teachers, police services, health care services, executives and entrepreneurs within organizations and corporations of all sizes across a range of industries. He helps private & public companies with their development by providing team skill-building workshops, neuro-led communication skills, management training and call centre complaint management.  Anthony advocates for accessible and affordable NeuroEducation and professional development opportunities for all. 


Anthony received his coach training from the Neuroleadership Institute – which includes the David Rock’s Results Coaching System. He gained a MBA & Master’s in Strategic Human Resource Management from the  UK and a dcototorate degree in Paris, France. In addition to coaching, Anthony works as an adjoint Professor in Paris, France.  He enjoys running (10K and two semi-marathons), reading and meeting people from all over the world. He also enjoys spending the summer with his family flipping homes and renting them. 


What makes Anthony so effective as a coach, consultant and trainer is his deep insight into people’s behavior patterns along with his straightforward, yet tactful style. He provides clients with the focus, insight, accountability and support system they need to achieve success.

Anthony is a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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‘We see the world not as it is, but as we are.’

- Stephen Covey

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A study found that employees are 2 - 3 times more likely to stay in a position if there is a feeling of purpose. That number jumps to 5.3 times among millennials.

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Neuro-led Coaching & Consulting 

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