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Neuro-led Training Interventions

                  Create new neural pathways

How you think affects how you feel and therefore how you behave.

Neuro-led Courses to Grow, Inspire & Lead with Purpose


How can I help you achieve your goals, ambitions and vision?

The more aware we are of what is going on in our brain, the sooner we can step in and provide the response to the threat trying to take control.

Our workshops engage participants, stimulate potential, and provide methodologies and tools for change in a healthy, non-judgmental environment.

Neuro-led Leader

The Neuro-led™ Leader provides a detailed understanding of how and why employees and leaders behave in a certain manner, and where motivation comes from. This understanding is backed by neuroscientific research that has been transformational for individuals and organisations across the globe.

  • Importance of balance between cognitive and emotional dimensions in the workplace.

  • Avoidance vs approach factors

  • Why change is perceived as threat- the biology behind it.

  • The Social Awareness Model- learning to deal with change.

  • Creating emotional understanding to develop positive working relationships.

  • The art of building trusting relationships

Neuro-led Teams 

Neuro-led™ Highly Effective Teams helps create group synergy in pursuing collective goals and cohesiveness. This implies building relationships, establish strong social bonds with others, empathy and constructive conflict. Once you have self-awareness – superpower, you can self-regulate well and can be empathic about another person’s perspective, you are ready to engage, co-create an environment, function effectively in a team, collaborate with others and resolve conflicts. 

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Coming soon...

- Action Vision Board

Neuroscience of visualisation/RAS and goal setting.

- Thrive 8-Week Group Coaching

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