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Neuro-led Edu Partners

It takes a village!

Having a basic understanding of the biological processes underlying the way we think, learn, and make decisions should be considered mandatory.

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Neuro-Education Partners

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Neuro-led Education Partners aim is to aid in the improvement of educational outcomes by bringing to teachers’ practical neuro-scientific insights on how the brain learns new information. It’s been proven that even basic understanding of how emotions impact perception, learning, the mechanisms of attention, stress and focus directly drives how teachers teach.

Understanding that neuroplasticity changes the brain as a function of experience is instrumental for the classroom.

Latest research on what are some of the characteristics of top schools, here's what we found;

1. Future focus not forward focus

2. Growth model not proficiency 

3. Adaptation of an executive coaching model (some form of coaching)

A semio-cognitive approach

We are working on a semio-cognitive approach to global development and learning in humans. On the postulate of learning experienced as a sensitive phenomenon, a transformation, a construction and a structural and functional evolution of brain connections, we try to further understand the links between epigeneticism and the material, phenomenological and semiotic relationships of the emotional and cognitive circuits. We are also interested in the functioning and manifestations of emotional and cognitive circuits and brain areas stressed during the performance of different cognitive tasks and emotional stresses. With this we combine the foundations and principles of human knowledge, semiosis in learning and training environments and contexts, sense structures for motivation and engagement in pedagogy and andragogy situations. - Learn more  our partner African Institute of Neuroeducation and Ludopedagogy (IANEL)

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     A Village Approach 
Neuro-led coaches, Parents, Students, Teachers, and members of the neuroscience education community.

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Our International Partners

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