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Mindset : What’s between you and your dream?

Here’s an old tale I’d like to share with you about an elephant - author unknown.

As a man was passing an elephant, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that this huge creature was being held by only a small thin rope tied to his front leg. It was obvious that the elephant could, at any time, break away from his ties and become free, but for some reason, they did not.

The man saw a trainer nearby and asked why the elephant just stood there and made no attempt to escape. “Well,” the handler said, “when he was very young and much smaller we use the exact same rope to tie him, but at that age the rope was strong enough to hold them. By the time the elephant had grown up, his mind has become conditioned to believe that no matter how much he tries, he will never break the rope. He still believes the rope can hold him, so he never tried to break himself free.”

The man was amazed. the elephant could, in an instant, break free from bondage but because he believed he cannot, he is stuck right where he is.

Does this story resonate with you? Why do we lock ourselves in believing certain limits about what is and is not possible? I’ve heard people say, “I’m too old to do…”. “I don’t have enough time”. “I could never speak like that”! I always wanted to be an…”.

Does that sound familiar? It does to me, see at one point or another in my life I believed that I couldn’t do certain things. My mindset was partially the work of my own thoughts about myself and another part influenced by others. But, what I’ve learned by studying neuroscience, is neuroplasticity and neurogenesis! Which basically means brain is plastic – the brain can reform or reorganize synaptic connections - I have the power of changing my brain and so do you! May I share another important lesson I learned? The brain loves to learn and although adopting to new habits can be challenging – it’s possible with repetition.

Your perception impact your thoughts which play a major role how you feel. So, changing your thoughts can change how you feel. Changing how you feel about something or someone triggers positive emotions the can be full of dopamine – the happy chemical. Or negative emotions that can fill you with cortisol - the stress/sad chemical.

- What limiting beliefs do you still allow to control you?

- What things from your childhood do you still let hold you back? 

- How many mental “ropes” do you have binding your thoughts and dreams?

You are not your thoughts! How can Forge Ahead help you realise your potential?

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