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Neuro-led™ (aka brain-based or brain-friendly leadership or neuroleadership) is an emerging field, which integrates coaching principles and insights from social neuroscience, positive psychology and organisational development to help organisations co-create environments that optimises engagement, performance, and work satisfaction. 

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Neuro-led Coaching
- Teams

Neuro-led coaching is an engaging, safe, confidential, creative and non-judgemental space, asking thought-provoking questions and listening to help you explore possibilities, evaluate options, reflect and make actionable decisions.


Coaching teaches you that how you think affects how you feel and therefore how you behave.


Coaches help clients shift their thinking to be more present-moment focused, optimistic and less fearful, which can stimulate neuroplasticity and lead to substantial changes in one’s mood and behaviour.


Coaching is a structured process that aims to improve performance or behaviour by focusing on the present and what could be in future, instead of on what happened in the past.

Training Interventions
- Neuro-led Leader
- Neuro-led Leader Advance
-Neuro-led Teams

The Neuro-led™ Leader provides a detailed understanding of how and why employees and leaders behave in a certain manner, and where motivation comes from. This understanding is backed by neuroscience.

Neuro-led™ Teams 

Create group synergy in pursuing collective goals and cohesiveness. This implies building relationships, establish strong social bonds with others, empathy and constructive conflict. Once you have self-awareness – superpower, you can self-regulate well and can be empathic about another person’s perspective, you are ready to engage, co-create an environment, function effectively in a team, collaborate with others and resolve conflicts. 

Neuroscience + coaching
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The facilitators are always on point and groups members are always encouraged to participant.



I really enjoyed participating and the monthly 'Open Lab' events.



Insightful and useful for personal and professional communication. 


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Having everyone on my team do the course, Neuro-led Leader and recommending it to my colleagues. 



Mind blowing, lots of great insights. Highly reccommended. Lots of practical interactive activities! 


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